Each piece is uniquely made for your wedding. Our most popular materials are acrylic, wood and mirror signage. Acrylic and wood signs are made for you to keep and mirrors can either be rented or provided.
Interested in some signs? See my process outlined below for how to work together!

Wedding signage is a must-have for your big day! Not only does it serve in giving your guests directions and instructions, it is also the best way to tie your details together and to showcase you and your partner's personality!

Wedding signage

Once the agreement is signed and the retainer is paid you are all booked! We will meet 1 month before your wedding to go over final details!

we're booked!


If the proposal looks good, we will both sign the agreement and you'll pay the $100 retainer. 



After figuring out which signs you are interested in, I will send over a custom proposal for you.



Fill out the inquiry form on the contact page and I will send over the pricing guide for you to take a look at.



Below are some of our most popular signage options! Take a look at some of the different pieces we can create.
Interested in something you don't see? Send me some inspiration pictures and I can bring your vision to life!

place card/table menu

table numbers

 bar menu

seating chart

welcome sign

table top signage